• Power Quality Enhancement

• Current Harmonics Mitigation

• Load Balancing

• Energy Efficiency

• Energy Saving

• Power Factor Improvement

• Compliance with IEEE 519 - 2014 & CEA

• Stay Protected From Harmonic Penalties

• Reduced Nuisance Tripping

• Our presence outside India


Power Quality Enhancement

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are dominant contributors of harmonics. The harmonics deviate the pure sinusoidal current

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Energy Efficiency

We understand that due to various single and three-phase loading, the current drawn from the mains may not always equal in all phases.

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Phase Balancing

Reactive power contributes to line loading and power losses, but, does not do any useful work. Power Factor (PF)

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Plating / Anodizing Rectifiers

Our newer cutting edge low voltage high current rectrifiers are designed & developed to meet your plating shop / process requirements.

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Educational System

One of our key mandates is to educate the next generation engineers. We develop customized systems for educational purpose.

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Why InstaSine ?

Light in weight, compact in size and quieter in operation

Designed for harsh weather condition

Designed for 2.2 times the RMS current

Wide range of harmonics selection

In-house R & D & manufacturing with a better service

Long lasting (DC link operational life > 1,00,000 hours)

On-the-fly real-time switching loss minimization

Integrated best-in-class HMI (just like an oscilloscope)